Paula Allen-Meares*
A. Delores Anderson*
Arlene Barnes
Phyllis Blackman
Denise Blackwell
Keisha Blevins
Cynthia Bowman
Ann James Boyd
Lisa Bradley
Cleopatra H. Caldwell
Stefani Carter*
Carolyn Cole-Brown
Gloria Edwards
Kim Elliott
Mary Gipson*
Polly Gipson
JoWanda Gore
Carine Hails
Sandra Harris
Vivian Hawkins*
Joyce Hunter

Sonya Jacobs
Monique D. James
Angela R. Johnson
Mary M. Johnson
Lola Jones*
Linda H. King*
Patricia Manley
Nora Martin*
Shirley Dorsey Martin*
Ayanna McConnell
Patricia Horne McGee*
Deborah Meadows
Brandy Merritt
Joetta Mial*
Mia Milton
Dorian Moore
Zerilda Palmer*
Henri Parker*
Alice Leigh Peoples
Whitney Peoples

Darlene Ray-Johnson
Candiss Reeves
Alfreda Rooks
Margaret Scisney-Matlock*
Tena Shelton
Gail L. Smith
Karen-Lee Stewart
Laurita Thomas
Maria Thompson
Monique J. Washington
Stacia M. Weeks
Tracy Brown White*
Patricia Williams*
Erika Williams-Hickman
Margaret Woodbury*
Wendy Woods
Delphine Woolfork-Lockhart
Lynn Perry Wooten


Link Keisha Blevins


Link Cynthia Bowman


Link Polly Gipson


Link Carine Hails


Link Gayle Martin


Link Ayanna McConnell


Link Brandy Merritt


Link Mia Milton


Link Candiss Reeves


Link Tena Shelton


Link Karen Stewart


Left to Right: Virginia Bailey, Henri Parker, Shirley Martin, Zerilda Palmer, Bettye McDonald, Lola Jones, and Delores Anderson

Front Row (Left to Right): Delores Anderson, Margaret Woodbury, Henri Parker, Vivian Hawkins, Shirley Martin, and Mary Gibson
Back Row (Left to Right): Joetta Mial and Zerilda Palmer


We honor the memories of our deceased Link Sisters and Connecting Links.


April 14, 1984 Rebecca A. Vaughn*
June 8, 1990 Virginia M. Ellis*
January 8, 1992 Mary Hamilton*
March 14, 1994 Christina Gilchrist*
March 14, 1996 Willie Hobbs Moore
March 21, 1996 Rosetta C. Wingo*
August 24, 1996 Josephine G. Owens*
January 23, 2001 Minnie Thompson-Powell
July 16, 2002 Terri Lynn Johnson
March 10, 2004 Christina W. Neal*
December 2, 2005 Sadie R. Blackwell*
November 20, 2005 Willie Edwards*
September 15, 2008 Frances Watts*
May 29, 2010 Hazel Turner*
July 13, 2010 Gloria Horne *
August 11, 2001 Thelma Brooks
February 15, 2013 Juanita Bradley*
August 27, 2014 Bella Gilchrist Parker
December 3, 2017 Doris McLaurin
February 14, 2018 Letitia J. Byrd*
July 27, 2018 Bonnie Davis*
December 16, 2018 Virginia Bailey*
March 7, 2019 Gwendolyn Baker*
April 23, 2020 Barbara Meadows*
April 25, 2021 Bettye McDonald*

*Charter Members


May 15, 1987 David R. Byrd
April 4, 1996 Eddie Owens
February 16, 2001 Harry Mial, Sr.
July 12, 2002 James Parker
September 8, 2002 Herbert Wingo
April 29, 2003 Jim Bradley
June 25, 2005 Theodore Meadows
July 13, 2005 Joseph Vaughn
January 26, 2007 Alfred Edwards
May 20, 2008 Sidney Moore
December 3, 2010 Jasper McLaurin
November 6, 2011 Gordon Martin
February 8, 2013 Victor Turner
July 10, 2014 Herbert Ellis
December 12, 2016 Walter G. Parker
September 28, 2018 Lee V. Martin
December 14, 2018 James Anderson
June 13, 2020 Fredrick McDonald
September 6, 2021  Lee Jones

Etta Moten Barnett (1970)
Vocalist and Theater Artist and First African American to sing at the White House on January 31, 1933

Marian Anderson (1970)
Internationally acclaimed contralto concert and recital performer and first African American singer to perform as a member of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.

​Mattiwilda Dobbs (1973)
African American coloratura soprano opera and concert singer and one of the first African Americans to enjoy a major international career in opera.

​Patricia Roberts Harris (1978)
First African American woman to be named a U.S. Ambassador

​Constance Baker Motley (1980)
First African American woman to serve as a federal judge


​Elizabeth Duncan Koontz (1984)
First African American Woman president of the National Education Association

​Leontyne Price (1988)
Soprano opera singer and major superstar and recording artist

Rosa L. Parks (2003)
Civil Rights Activist

Condoleeza Rice (2013)
Global political leader, former U.S. National Security Advisor, and first female African-American Secretary of State

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (2013)
24th President of Liberia and first elected female Head of State in Africa

​Kamala Harris (2018)
49th Vice President of the United States